See the World as It Truly Is.

Live in a decentralized world online just like in real life! With ParaDigi Universe, you can share freely and find awesome people without hassle. No need for third-party logins, and say goodbye to annoying spam. Dive into the future of social networking :-)


ParaDigi Universe is built on an innovative peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol, offering a completely autonomous, secure, and third-party-free social experience.

Public & Immutable

We believe "All events leave traces in this world."
We also believe "What's done is done, there's no going back."

Open Source

ParaDigi Universe is free and open-source software. We believe in your right to use, copy, study and change it as you see fit, and we benefit from contributions from the community.

Embracing Our Uniqueness
Fully Decentralized

No reliance on any third-party services, ensuring your data and privacy are inviolable.

Innovative Identity Verification

Ensures every user’s identity is authentic and credible through private key signature mechanisms.

Anti-Sybil Attack

Unique reward and punishment mechanisms effectively prevent fake accounts and spam.

Personalized Visible Identity Set

Automatically generates a trust network based on interaction behavior, making your social circle more credible.

Data Integrity

Message chain structure ensures all posted information is immutable, ensuring data integrity and security.

The Power of Decentralization
Redefining Ownership

Decentralization challenges traditional notions of ownership by enabling shared ownership and peer-to-peer interactions, creating new models for value creation and exchange.

Collaboration and Trust

Decentralization fosters collaboration and trust among participants, as it eliminates the need for centralized authorities and promotes transparent and consensus-based decision-making.

Resilience and Security

The decentralized nature of systems enhances resilience and security, as it reduces the risk of a single point of failure or vulnerability.

Explore ParaDigi Universe

Unleash your imagination in this boundless digital realm, where you have the freedom to tell stories, share captivating photos, and embark on thrilling adventures with newfound friends. Discover a world of endless possibilities as you build and expand your own species, making it the most sought-after in ParaDigi Universe.